Published On: Thu, Sep 12th, 2019

The Ashes: Strange moment David Gower walked off during interview – ‘He’s had enough’ | Cricket | Sport

David Gower is commentating on his final match for Sky Sports this week and he was involved in a strange moment on the first day of the fifth Ashes Test at the Oval.

Former England batsman Gower has been anchoring Sky’s cricket coverage for over two decades but is set to bid farewell later this week, along with legendary all-rounder Sir Ian Botham.

And during the tea interval on day one, the 62-year-old walked off in the middle of interviewing Shane Warne and Michael Atherton on the Oval outfield.

With England doing well at 169-3, the pitch was a topic of discussion between the trio.

Gower said: “Right, I’ll tell you what, looking at the conditions at the moment, that pitch is, what, 60-70 yards away looking so benign.”

Warne commented: “You know how to bat from here, David.”

Gower replied: “Hang on a second, you hold that, hold that. Finish off, I’m going to have a bat.”

And in that moment the former left-hander gave his microphone to Warne and started to walk to the middle.

It appeared to be an impromptu exit, with Warne and Atherton filling in for a minute or so.

Warne said: “David’s going for a bat. Okay what do you think Ath, you think David would get some runs over there?”

Atherton claimed Gower had “had enough”.

He said: “Well, 1985 it was a day like this, it was a flat pitch, beautiful innings from David. He ended up holding the urn.

“I don’t know where he’s gone, I think he’s had enough.”

Warne continued to fill for Gower, saying: “Well there’s been some great memories here at the Oval, hasn’t there.

“There’s been some fantastic memories but I reckon even David would realise that he could win the toss and bat on this one.

“He’s probably winding the clock back of all the wonderful times he has had as a batsman over there, thinking he can play those elegant cover drives.”

The camera then panned on Gower as he neared the 22-yard strip and Atherton had to awkwardly cut to the ad break.

Atherton said: “He’s going to have a look and rewind the clock – memories of golden days here at the Oval, and he’s enjoyed many of them, as a player and as a commentator.

“I think after all that we better take a break. We’ll be back with the action from the first session just now.”

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