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Star Wars 9: Biggest Leia and Padme plot hole fixed before The Rise of Skywalker | Films | Entertainment

The very first Star Wars movie already set up a huge plot hole when Old Ben Kenobi told Luke his father was dead. This has been explained away as semantics, with the slippery Jedi master meaning Anakin had effectively died when he became Darth Vader. In the first films Leia also tells Luke she remembers their mother. Yet The Revenge of the Sith clearly shows Padme died after childbirth. Has Disney just retconned that in an official new storyline?

Frankly, it isn’t actually difficult to imagine Leia could have some sense of her mother. 

The films and canon novels have established teat Leia had latent, untapped Force abilities.

This was hammered home in the divisive Last Jedi scene when Leia was blown into space but somehow survived and floated back to the ship, using her powers.

A new comic book has a scene which some believe is how Disney explains away Leia’s impossible memories of her mother.


Star Wars Adventures Annual 2019 is a two-part collection with the first story concerning Lando and Jaxxom. The second story, So Much More, is a touching glimpse of Leia’s happy childhood on Alderaan.

It is beautifully written by Pierrick Colinet & Elsa Charretier and illustrated by Margaux Saltel.

A scene shows the young princess with her adoptive mother, Queen Breha. The young girl has escaped her carers and found a statue of in the gardens.

When Breha finds her, she tells Leia the beautiful woman is her real mother, Padme Amidala, and recounts stories of the brave Queen of Naboo.

At the end, Breha tells Leia: “Leia, love, I know you’re too young to understand all this… to remember, even. But I want you to hold on to this image, this feeling. That spark – the spark. You have it, too.”

Is this what Leia has held onto in her mind? The image of the statue of her mother, combined with Breha’s words?

In a previous series, the Princess Leia comics featured a scene set on Naboo in the second issue. Leia passes an archway bearing the image of Queen Amidala, and for a second, think she sees the Queen’s face turn to look at her. 

Again, this could account for Leia feeling she is connected still to her mother through the Force.

To be frank, there are far greater mysteries fans want the answers to when Episode 9 hits screens in December…

Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker is out on December 19

Star Wars Adventures Annual 2019 is out now

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