Published On: Fri, Sep 13th, 2019

Roger Federer will consider four things before making 2020 Tokyo Olympics decision | Tennis | Sport

Now that Roger Federer is 38 years old, he has to preserve his condition and look after his body more than ever.

While he is showing no signs of slowing down, the reality is that these could be his final few years on the tennis court.

With Rafael Nadal just one behind his Grand Slam record of 20, the world No 3 is going to have to give his all to win a Major in 2020 to try and restore a cushion.

Next year also sees the Olympic Games return in Tokyo and Federer is already being asked whether he will be present in Japan for one last swansong.

But considering the Games take place from the end of July, there is a good chance it could interfere with his plans for Wimbledon, a tournament he will want to play with no distractions.

However, there are also three other reasons as to why he is hesitating over the chance to represent Switzerland once again.

“It’s that I don’t know if I’m going to be playing there just because it’s still a year away,” he said.

“Even though the time is slowly coming around for me, in my mind, my team, my family, to find out what’s the best schedule after Wimbledon next year.

“Then I for sure meant also I don’t know exactly the requirements, what it takes with wildcards at the Olympics, all that stuff, as the Davis Cup format also changed, all that stuff.”

Federer is yet to win a gold in the men’s singles, but picked up the accolade in the doubles at Beijing 2008.

He also has a Davis Cup winner’s medal from 2014 meaning the only thing missing from his incredible collection of titles is the Olympic singles gold.

He is not putting any further pressure on himself though.

“As I don’t know if I will be playing, I don’t know the requirements, it was hard to give a proper answer,” he added.

“But needless to say, the Olympics, the ones I played, have always been very memorable, either with carrying the flag, meeting my wife in 2000, winning gold, winning silver.

“Naturally, it’s always going to be a possibility for me to play Tokyo if there is an exemption.

“I don’t know if I’m actually going to do it or not because it all depends on the family, on schedule, on the body, on the future.”

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