Published On: Thu, Sep 12th, 2019

London crime news: Fierce backlash as Sadiq Khan calls Tory candidate ‘frit’ | UK | News

Mayoral candidate Shaun Bailey has lashed out at Mayor of London Sadiq Khan for his behaviour during Mayor’s Question Time. Footage shows Mr Khan calling Mr Bailey “frit” and a “wuss” who is “wrapped in cotton wool”. The Mayor of London says: “He’s too scared, he’s frit, he’s a wuss. He’s wrapped in cotton wool.

“Come on Shaun say something, come on Shaun say something?”

Mr Bailey replies: “Okay, I will tell you what I will say. We are all in here trying to conduct our business working for Londoners and you have taken every opportunity you can to act like a child.

“Answer the questions and we can get on with our business. Or you can behave like a child. You talk to us about heckling, it’s because you won’t answer the questions.

“We all know, so does London know, that you are not doing your job. You speak about everything other than what’s important to people. That is what I wanted to say. But Chair, at some point, he is going to have to behave.”

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The mayoral candidate then posted a video of himself on Twitter later on Thursday, saying: “It’s been a bit of a day today. Today was Mayor’s Question Time and while we were in the chamber the Mayor was on his worst form, calling me names.

“Telling everyone that I’m wrapped in cotton wool. Of course while that was happening three young Londoners have been stabbed today. We just want the Mayor to focus on that and not name-calling.

“When I get up in the morning, I’m thinking about how do we make London safe? How do we make it so everybody can just get on with their lives and be safe?

“So I just want to say the Mayor again, it’s not me who’s frit. It’s London who’s frit, all of us. We are worried about the safety of ourselves, our children, everybody. We would just like to focus on that, rather than name-calling.”

One Twitter user commented: “Well said Sean.” Another added: “That is incredible. Why is he allowed to be like this?” A third posted: “The sheer arrogance, the childish laugh at the end!”

The comments follow London’s murder count crossing 100 in 2019, after the stabbing of a 15-year-old boy in Stratford.

The count for 2018 crossed the hundred mark on August 24. Mr Khan has eight months left of his term as London Mayor.

He is the Labour candidate for next year’s mayoral election. Mr Bailey, a London Assembly member, is the Tory candidate.

Former civil servant Siobhan Benita is the Liberal Democrat candidate, while Green Party co-leader and assembly member Sian Berry is their candidate. Computer scientist Sue Black is the Women’s Equality Party candidate.

Mr Khan is favourite amongst bookmakers according to Oddschecker with Mrs Benita second. Both previous Mayors of London, Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson stood for two terms. Mr Khan defeated Tory Zac Goldsmith three years ago.

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