Published On: Thu, Sep 12th, 2019

Kundali Bhagya September 11, 2019 episode recap: Will Preeta marry Prithvi?

New Delhi: In the episode, Rakhi feels hatred towards Preeta as she decides to marry Prithvi. Daadi also blames Preeta for saving Prithvi. However, Rishabh promises to bring justice to Mahesh. He says sorry to Sherlyn for comparing her to Preeta. The pandit asks Preeta and Karan to stand up for saat pheras. While her wedding ceremony is underway, Preeta makes up her mind to forget the Luthra family completely and move on in her new life. 

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In tonight’s episode, Preeta and Karan complete the saat phere. The pandit asks Karan to put sindoor on Preeta and even ties the Mangalsutra on her neck. He cries silently while doing so. The pandit announces that the wedding is complete. While Karan is married to Preeta, Prithvi wakes up.

He realises that Preeta is back at the mandap with Karan. He tries to leave but the door is locked from outside. He starts knocking on the door. to get someone’s attention. Biji also wakes up and goes out where she hears someone knocking on the door. She thinks it is Karan but when she sees Prithvi she tries to stop him from leaving the room.

Preeta and Karan take their elders’ blessings. Sarla asks the groom to lift up the sehra now. Meanwhile, Sammy and Srishti find Biji in the wedding hall. Biji tells them that Karan is marrying Preeta. Sammy says he knows this and Srishti is over the moon. They go out to meet Karan as the groom and celebrate.

Prithvi runs in and tells Preeta to stop as she is lifting the sehra. Everyone is shocked seeing Prithvi, not at the mandap. Prithvi says this was all Karan’s plan. He says Karan only wants to marry Preeta to get revenge on her. Prithvi lifts the sehra to show Karan’s face and Preeta is stunned and doesn’t say a word.

Prithvi says this marriage happened by fraud so it doesn’t count. He asks Preeta to go back in the mandap and marry him. Preeta can’t stop looking at Karan but is still in shock. Prithvi drags Preeta back in the mandap with him and asks the pandit to start over. Will Preeta marry Prithvi? Stay tuned to find out.

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