Published On: Fri, Sep 13th, 2019

David Cameron in second referendum plea: Remainer ex-PM insists ‘we’re stuck’ | Politics | News

, who initiated the first vote back in 2016, also declared a no deal as a “bad outcome”. In a lengthy interview just a week before the release of his long-awaited autobiography which charts his doomed regime, Mr Cameron gave his verdict on the current situation facing .

When probed on whether they should ever be a second referendum, he told The Times: “I don’t think you can rule it out because we’re stuck.”

When pushed on whether he would campaign for it, Mr Cameron insisted: “I’m not saying one will happen or should happen.

“I’m just saying that you can’t rule things out right now because you’ve got to find some way of unblocking the blockage.

“I think there are certain things you shouldn’t do to unblock the blockage. I think proroguing parliament – pretending it doesn’t exist – I think that would be a bad thing.”

Speaking about the prospect of a second referendum, he said: “And when asked what he thought about Britain leaving the European Union without a deal on October 31, Mr Cameron said: “I think it is a bad outcome.

“I very much hope it doesn’t happen. I don’t think it should be pursued.”

And the former prime minister could not resist attacking his former schoolfriend.

It comes just days it was revealed Boris Johnson called Mr Cameron a “girly swot”.

Mr Cameron hit out at Mr Johnson’s strategy and criticised the disciplining of Tory rebels.

He said: “Taking the whip from hard-working Conservative MPs and sharp practices using prorogation of Parliament have rebounded.

“I didn’t support either of those things. Neither do I think a no-deal Brexit is a good idea.”

Mr Cameron’s views will not sit well with many Brexiteers.

The PM campaigned heavily for remain in the last referendum.

He quit the role as PM after Britain voted 52 percent in favour of leaving the EU.

Mr Cameron’s interview has already caused an angry reaction on Twitter. One voter wrote: “You can argue about first second third referendum, but what I’m wondering how people like David Cameron can come out and talk, after the mess he left us in the beginning and the fact that in critical moment he just ran for his life.

“I would send Cameron back to the hole where he was hiding.”

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Another wrote: “David Cameron has made, and will make more millions from his disastrous decision to try and heal the Conservative Party with a Brexit vote. The man deserves no sympathy and only contempt for leading the UK where it now is.”

And another wrote: “David Cameron is solely to blame for this unholy mess. “He failed to prepare for a Brexit vote because ‘the little people’ would’nt go against their ‘betters’ would they!?”

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