Published On: Thu, Sep 12th, 2019

Boxing news: Tyson Fury reveals he downed four beers night before Deontay Wilder clash | Boxing | Sport

Tyson Fury has said that he drank four pints of beer the night before he fought Deontay Wilder last December.

Fury is preparing to take on Otto Wallin this weekend in Las Vegas.

His clash with Wallin comes nine months after his fight with Wilder, who many thought Fury beat quite comfortably.

Despite ballooning up in size, having to lose weight and overcoming a drink and drugs problem, Fury’s performance against Wilder was superb.

But Fury, speaking to reporters in Vegas, has claimed that the night before he fought Wilder he kicked back and sunk four pints of beer.

“I drink beer while I’m at training camp, I had four pints of beer before the Wilder fight – the night before, didn’t do me any harm did it,” he told Seconds Out.

“I’m a 30-year-old man, I’ve been a professional for 11 years, I’m married with five children, if I want some f***ing beers I’ll have some.

“If the body craves something – give it to it. Why deprive yourself just because it’s fight week.

“Fighters from the past used to drink a bottle of whisky before going in the ring. It didn’t hurt them did it, have a shot of whiskey. Years ago, people used to have a shot of whisky in the corner.

“The thing is, if you can fight, there is no set way in what you should do.”

Fury’s trainer Ben Davison chimed in on the conversation and confirmed the Gypsy King’s story to be true.

“He’s not lying, when I come down I was like ‘what the f*** is this,’ and he [Fury] was like, ‘they’re non-alcoholic.’

“I found out two days later that they weren’t non-alcoholic.”

Fury is likely to rematch Wilder next February, so long as he comes through Wallin unscathed.

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