Published On: Fri, Sep 13th, 2019

BBC Question Time: Tory MP savaged by host after failure to answer question directly | UK | News

The condemnation from Ms Bruce came after an audience member asked about Mr Johnson’s recent court proceedings over claims he lied to suspend Parliament. The audience member asked the panel: “If the Supreme Court upholds the ruling that Boris Johnson lied, should he resign?” Legal expert Catherine Barnard answered the question initially to explain the law covering the case.

Ms Bruce turned the question to Mr Lewis to answer as the Conservative representation on the panel.

She joked : “Brandon, it’s all been going so well.

The host then added: “Boris Johnson divided your party, he’s united apposition, he’s lost all the votes and now you’ve got Scottish judges saying he lied to the queen.

“Could it get any worse?”

Mr Lewis explained the situation and highlighted the importance of passing the Queen’s speech to push forward with important matters such as security and healthcare.

Ms Bruce retorted Boris Johnson might not be able to pass the Queen’s Speech as the Conservative Party did not have a majority.

This led to an outburst from the disgruntled audience member who felt Mr Lewis did not fully answer his original question.

He proceeded to demand Mr Lewis to give him a simple “yes or no answer” on whether Mr Johnson should resign if found guilty of lying.

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He said: “You’re going to love me for giving you a political answer, because I’m going to say to you…”

The host then interrupted him.

She said: “ Ok, you’re not going to get an answer.

“We’re going to move on as we’ve talked enough.”

Mr Lewis added: “In short, no because I don’t believe that is what is going go to happen.

“But we’re going to see what the court says and they’re independent.”

This led the conversation into a heated discussion over wether the judicial system was being disrespected by the Government.

BBC Question Time airs live On Thursday Nights on BBC One at 10.35pm.

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