Published On: Fri, Sep 13th, 2019

BBC Question Time: Labour humiliated over general election rejection | UK | News

The eruption of criticism happened during a live broadcast of the political debate programme held this week in Norwich. The Labour Party were represented on the panel by Shadow Secretary of State for Housing John Healey. The first swipe came from the DUP’s chief whip at Westminster Jeffrey Donaldson.

He told host Fiona Bruce he felt Jeremy Corbyn had twice ran away from the opportunity of a general election.

He said: “I rather suspect because of the deep divisions in the labour party they don’t want a general election right now.”

The claims arose after an audience member asked the panel how the public were meant to trust the Prime Minister when they only heard negative things about him.

In response Mr Healey claimed it was astonishing there was even a debate over there being Prime Minister who could be lying.

He said: “We should be there in Parliament holding him to account.”

Leading into his attack, Mr Donaldson retorted saying if the people weren’t happy the only option was to have a general election.

This followed a similar bombardment of criticism towards Labour from audience members.

One gentleman said he had a burning question over the need for a general election.

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Mr Healey, the MP for Wentworth and Dearne, claimed the reason Labour did not want a general election was down to Brexit negotiations.

He said: “The problem on this has lain with Government not being able to negotiate a good enough deal that was capable of carrying all of the Conservative colleagues with it.

“We need a better Brexit deal.”

The MP added Labour would only agree to a general election after a number of steps were completed.

He outlined the first was to make sure a no deal Brexit had been taken off the table, adding “we’ve done it”.

He added another step would be to allow Labour to negotiate a better Brexit deal.

The audience responded to this with an eruption of laughter.

Fiona Bruce said to Mr Healey: “They’re laughing at you.”

The gentleman interrupted Mr Healey, outlining his disdain for Labour and their policies.

He said: “Your policy is a fork for a bowl of soup.”

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