Published On: Fri, Sep 13th, 2019

BBC Brexitcast: Laura Kuenssberg snubs Boris Johnson in a bombshell move – ‘Fat problem!’ | Politics | News

The BBC’s Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg and Europe Editor Katya Adler joined Brussels correspondent Adam Fleming and political correspondent Chris Mason. The show is an opportunity for the political experts to indulge in some gossip about Brexit from Westminster and Brussels.

During last night’s show, Ms Kuenssberg shockingly snubbed Boris Johnson’s suspension of Parliament, branding it a “big fat problem”.

She said: “A couple of days ago, the Scottish Court said that Boris Johnson’s suspension of Parliament – the prorogation – was illegal and that he had misled the Queen.

“Now, in constitutional terms, that’s kind of as big as it gets.

“That’s a big fat problem.”

However, she also explained that the High Court in London did not say it was illegal.

She continued: “But last week the High Court in London didn’t say it wasn’t illegal.

“But basically said it’s none of our business.

“They said it’s a political decision and not a legal one.

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When asked whether he lied to the Queen, he replied with “absolutely not”.

Ms Kuenssberg said Mr Johnson’s behaviour was “not normal” and that the Government was now at “def con five”.

She said: “This is not normal.

“Boris Johnson has not been in office for even two months and already we are at def con five where he is being asked questions like that and he’s fighting convention all over the place.”

However, she also explained why the Scottish Court’s ruling was more harsh.

She said: “The Scottish Court gave greater weight to the idea that the suspension happened because Downing Street were trying to evade scrutiny.”

Ms Kuenssberg also hinted that there could be a light at the end of the tunnel for Mr Johnson’s Government.

She said: “There is a whisper of positivity on this side, with a chance that conversations are starting to flow.

“And a chance that the Prime Minister might go and see Jean Claude Junker early next week.

“Which could only happen if they have something to talk about.”

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